Career Pathways - Lawrence Public Schools
  • Career Pathways in the Lawrence Public Schools provide students a sequential set of classes to explore careers of interest and develop skills in preparation for college and a career.  

    Introductory courses allow students to explore a wide variety of careers within the field.  Technical level courses focus on specific skills that are needed within the career area.  Students who have gained the technical skills within the pathway are eligible to enroll in Application level courses, which provide "real-world" experiences in the classroom with industry mentors or through professional workplace experience. Many courses are eligible for college credit.  

  •  Lawrence College & Career Center

    The Lawrence College and Career Center is now open.  
    The Lawrence College and Career Center prepares students for their future through hands-on learning experiences in an innovative, engaging environment.  With direct input from business and industry leaders, students will have access to technology and curriculum that is relevant and useful.  Earning college credit now, with an opportunity for free tuition, will give students a head start on their future.
    To learn more about the College and Career Center, including course offerings and student schedules, please visit the Lawrence College and Career Center webpage.