Boundary Advisory Committee

  • 2023 Board-Approved Elementary Boundary Map

    map of elementary boundaries


    Lawrence Board of Education Approves 2023-2024 Elementary School Boundaries
    The Lawrence Board of Education on April 24, 2023, approved these boundary changes recommended by its Boundary Advisory Committee.The plan redistributes students from four schools to nine schools and accommodates the closure of Broken Arrow and Pinckney Elementary Schools at the end of the school year. Boundary changes will affect approximately 470 students or about 14.6% of current K-4 students.

    Boundary changes redistribute Broken Arrow students to Cordley (69 students), Langston Hughes (43), Prairie Park (15), and Schwegler (96). They move Pinckney students to Deerfield (40), with district transportation provided at nominal or no cost due to an existing bus route; and to Hillcrest (129). In addition, New York boundaries expand to serve approximately 13 students currently attending Cordley. The changes also shift some Hillcrest students to Quail Run (30) and Sunset Hill (35). All student counts are estimates based on current enrollment.

    The plan expands:

    • Cordley’s boundaries south of 23rd Street to K-10, utilizing the western boundaries of Naismith Trail and Louisiana Street. (Current Broken Arrow)
    • Deerfield’s boundaries east across to McDonald Drive to Pinckney areas north of Second St. (Current Pinckney)
    • Hillcrest’s boundaries north to Second St. (Current Pinckney)
    • Langston Hughes’ boundaries south of K-10 and west of Highway 59. (Current Broken Arrow rural area)
    • New York’s boundaries west to the parcel lines beyond Illinois and south of Ninth St. (Current Cordley)
    • Prairie Park’s boundaries west to Highway 59 (Iowa St.) along K-10. (Current Broken Arrow)
    • Quail Run’s boundaries south of Bob Billings Dr. to the eastern portion of Alvamar Golf Course. (Current Hillcrest)
    • Schwegler’s boundaries southeast along 25th St. to Louisiana St. and south to K-10. (Current Broken Arrow)
    • Sunset Hill’s boundaries east to Iowa St. (Current Hillcrest)

    EXEMPTIONS - The administration will exempt students currently in the third or fourth grades and their younger siblings currently attend the same school from boundary changes. Families with exemptions may request a transfer for their students to remain at their current school for the rest of their elementary careers, or they may choose to have their children attend their newly assigned school.

    TRANSFERS - The district's existing transfer request process will continue to provide options for families. Transfers are determined on a space-available basis and upon approval, remain in place for the remainder of the student’s time in elementary school. (The elementary transfer request form for 2023-2024 is being revised and will be shared with all families affected by boundary changes by May 5, if not before.)

    TRANSPORTATION - The district will continue to offer state-reimbursed transportation for children living 2.5 miles or more from their school. If there is space available on an existing bus route serving the area, district staff will continue to work with families and First Student to accommodate student needs.

    SAFE ROUTES TO SCHOOL - District staff continue to work with city of Lawrence staff on Safe Routes to School.

    COMMUNICATION - As soon as the district's data team reviews and confirms boundary changes for each family to ensure the accuracy of information to be shared, the district will send specific details to all families affected by a boundary change. Families may expect to receive this information by May 5, if not before. This communication will include boundary changes and exemptions, the district's transfer request form and process, any applicable transportation details, and information about each of the receiving schools, including opportunities for families to become acquainted with their children’s new schools.

    SUCCESSFUL TRANSITIONS - District and school transition teams continue to meet to make plans to welcome families to their new attendance centers, including with student tours and family nights prior to the end of the school year. The district houses transition information at and invites families to send questions to



    The Lawrence Board of Education's charge to its Boundary Advisory Committee (BAC) is “to monitor district population shifts and school boundaries and recommend changes to the board” and “to ensure that equity, district growth, budget, and transportation are considered in boundary changes.”

    According to the BAC Guidelines, each community at-large member will serve a two-year term and be eligible for reappointment for an additional two-year term. 

    Boundary Advisory Committee Members:

    •  Dr. Larry Englebrick, Chief Operations Officer
    •  Board Members: Erica Hill and GR Gordon-Ross
    •  Executive Director of Human Resources: Kristen Ryan
    • Director of Human Resources & Transportation: Ron May    
    • LEA representative: Emerson Hoffzales 
    • PAL-CWA representative: Ashley Eicholtz 
    • Elementary Building Leadership:  Dr. Jared Comfort (Schwegler Elementary)
    • Elementary Building Leadership:  Melissa Blevins (Sunflower Elementary)
    • Middle School Building Leadership: Dr. Carissa Miles (Southwest Middle School)
    • High School Building Leadership: Mark Preut (LHS)
    • City of Lawrence Planning and Development: Amy Miller (Assistant PDS Director)
    • First Student Transportation: Jeffrey Lyon, Lawrence Branch Manager
    • Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence: Monica Dittmer (CEO)
    • Community-at-large representatives: Alneata Barrett, Patrick Brown, Nikki Perry, and Arika Sprecker


    The school board on February 27-28, 2023, approved scheduling public hearings for the possible closure of Broken Arrow and Pinckney Elementary Schools in the fall, and the repurposing of Liberty Memorial Central Middle School in 2024-2025 after a year of engaging the community in planning a magnet theme and redrawing middle school boundaries. (Board Meeting news release)   

    February 22, 2023, Meeting Materials

    March 1, 2023, Meeting Materials

    March 8, 5:30-7:00 p.m., Facilities & Operations Campus, 711 E. 23rd Street, Building A.

    March 22, 2023, 5:30-7:00 p.m., Facilities & Operations Campus, 711 E. 23rd Street, Building A. 

    Recommended School Closure Public Hearings, March 25, 2023, 10 a.m.-noon Broken Arrow Elementary gymnasium, and 2:00-4:00 p.m. Pinckney Elementary gymnasium.

    Sign up to speak at or complete a public comment form at the hearings, prior to the president's Call to Order.

    Board of Education Meeting, 6:00 p.m., March 27, 2023, Educational Support Center, 110 McDonald Drive, Boardroom.
    School board received BAC Boundary Recommendation and provides feedback based on community input and board member priorities.

    April 12 and April 19, 2023, Boundary Advisory Committee Meetings to Review Board Direction and Revise Boundary Recommendation.
    The BAC reviews the school board's direction, considers revisions to its original recommendation, and reaches a consensus on a final recommendation. 

    Final Boundary Advisory Committee Recommendation Approved by the Lawrence Board of Education on April 24, 2023.