Interpersonal Skills - strengthening abilities, attitudes, and competencies centered on relationships and interactions

    Why Interpersonal Skills?

    This course creates and fosters a reciprocal relationship between students with special needs and their general education peers.  Students work in collaboration to explore activities and passions, implement skills and abilities, and reflect on experiences while celebrating achievements.  Over the course of the year, students will be exposed to different topics and settings, working with one another to foster authentic friendships and establish a sense of self.

    Three goals are desired for all students to achieve over the course of the course:  (1) social and emotional growth, (2) community awareness and engagement, and (3) reflection and celebration of self and others.

    Course Credit

    Expectations will revolve around participation, assignments, and community impact projects.  Students must be willing to engage with classmates and curriculum while maintaining social, emotional, and academic discipline.  Every student should strive to lift one another up and grow in leadership opportunities.  When assignments are given, students should complete these as outlined in a timely manner.  Assignments are given with a purpose; growth of the curriculum correlates to achievement.  Community impact projects explore, assess, and create awareness and growth opportunities in the school and community, while also allowing students an opportunity to balance team responsibilities for shared growth.

    Future Involvement

    Communication, teamwork, organization, and problem solving are four strengths employers are looking for in young people today.  These qualities are also necessities in education, athletics, and extracurricular activities.  Research by Gallup indicated when people are able to use their strengths in their careers, they are six times more likely to be engaged in their jobs and three times more likely to report having an excellent quality of life.  When leadership traits are discovered, developed, and utilized, people are not just more productive within their careers but they are more productive within their personal lives, creating opportunities to build and maintain community supports to raise others up as well.

    Grading System

    Grades are comprised and organized within the following categories:




    Grades marks are determined using the following ranges:

    A  90-100%

    B  80-89%

    C  70-79%

    D  60-69%


    Strengthening abilities, attitudes, and competencies centered on relationships and interactions.