Image is of a firebird approaching a microscope

General Biology

  • Biology is the scientific study of life.  However, the study of biology is not limited to how organisms are built and how they function.  A significant part of biology is exploring how organisms interact with each other, with their environment, how populations of organisms have evolved over time, and how biological discoveries affect our lives as individuals and society as a whole.  Because of this, our study of biology will be devoted to learning biological concepts, engaging in scientific questions, experiments and reasoning, and discussing biological issues and their impact on our society.  Because this is an introduction to biology, we will be studying topics that are fundamental to understanding this important science.

     I have several goals for us this year… 

    • to help you understand the biology that supports your life and the lives of the countless organisms around you

    • to help you understand how you are connected to each other and to the biosphere

    • to inspire you to help answer the questions and solve the biological problems we encounter

    • to create a community of learners in our classroom—a community that will encourage everybody to

      • share their diverse perspectives

      • help their colleagues learn

      • think scientifically about the world around them 

    It is my firm belief that each one of you holds a piece to the puzzle—each one of you has his or her own perspective and understanding of the world, and by sharing this perspective, we can see a more complete picture of our world. 

    If you would like more information about the course, please click on the link to to view our class website.

    Biology Class Website

    Students enrolled in General Biology will be invited to join a Google Classroom where they will have access to notes, lab activities, and other resources.  Students are asked to acquire a composition or spiral notebook for use throughout the year.

    Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions!

    Best wishes, 

    Wendy Haas