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  • AP US History is a college-level course in which students have the potential to earn college credit by successfully passing the advanced placement examination in May. Credit awarded varies and more information can be found at College Board. 

    Students will be reading a variety of both primary and secondary sources as well as writing historical analysis and argumentation. Students will learn how to think more critically and persevere in their academic endeavors, developing the habits of study necessary for success at the college level, while still operating within the supportive structure of meeting daily in small classes. In addition, the course will prepare students for the specific types of questions they will encounter on the advanced placement exam. We will be utilizing America's History, 8th Edition.


    College Board Information:

    Exam for US History - May 6, 2021, 8 AM

    AP Central - your guide to AP US History

    The Course and Exam Description for AP US History - guide to the course material and exam  


    Helpful Websites:

    APUSH Review - Adam Norris 

    Gilder Lehrman APUSH Study Guide