• Ms. Landwehr standing by a giant sequoia.

  • Welcome! I am excited that you are here and look forward to learning together!

    I honestly believe that education is one of the most powerful tools human beings possess. Done well, education helps us expand our world view, grows our ability to exercise compassion toward others, pushes us toward the best versions of ourselves, and primes us for action in whatever situation we may find ourselves. I also believe that this work is best done with other people. None of us embody the whole human experience on our own, but together, we can better represent the richess and complexity of humanity. 

    In my class, I will serve as your guide. The work in front of you is to become more critical thinkers, become more resilient, become more empathetic, and learn more about yourself and your fellow human beings. There will be tasks more specific to history and psychology, which we will get to, but I want to stress that our time together will first and foremost be one in which we strive to leave things better than we found them. 

    I will work exceedingly hard to create an environment in which every student can grow, clearly communicate expectations, and support as needed. But I am only one part of the equation. You are the other parts, and I expect you to bring your best. Work hard. Aim for better every day. That's the best we can do.