• In an effort to serve our students healthy, nutritious meals in accordance with the wellness policies adopted by the district, parents and students will see many positive changes in the menus offered.
    We hope that parents and students will recognize the positive changes we are making to help keep our students healthy, happy and ready to learn.
    The Food Services Department will continue to use a computerized meal cashier program. Record keeping of money paid and meals eaten by your child will be recorded in a computerized database in the school kitchen. Students will be able to enter their student ID number or have an ID card that will be scanned as each student purchases a meal or an item from the cafeteria.
    The lunch accounting system is a debit system, which means that you deposit money into an account and as the student eats, the meal charge is deducted from the account balance. It is expected that all balances will be kept positive. The Food Services Department cannot extend credit to families for purchase of meals or a la carte items. If your account is negative, no purchases are allowed, you must send cash to purchase a meal or send a sack lunch.
    Low Balance Reminders
    Automated phone calls are made twice weekly to parents via the School Messenger program.  You can expect a phone reminder when a student account balance falls to $5.00 or less.  Due to program constraints, these calls are made for each individual student account, so you may receive more than one.  
    Many parents have found the service provided by MySchoolBucks.com very helpful.  You can register at this site, and then look at student purchase histories and set-up an email notification of low balances if you wish.  This service is available to all parents even if they do not want to use the online payment program.  
    We are NOT responsible for any cash sent to school with children. If at all possible, please pay by check or money order with reference to your student ID number and school. You may also make credit card payments online via www.myschoolbucks.com. Your first payment for meals needs to be made prior to the first day that meals are served so that there is money in your student's account.  Please do NOT combine a lunch money payment with other school type payments (i.e. enrollment fees/fines/cash/etc).  Meal payment envelopes are available in the cafeteria and most school offices. 


    Questions?  You can call the Food Services Office at 785-832-5000 between 7 am and 4 pm.