• September 25-29, 2023

    ALL classes:  I have a significant number of students who do not have headphones or earbuds for class.  This was on the school supplies list, and a really important thing, especially for testing.  If your family is unable to facilitate this, please email me, and I will try my best to help your student acquire the needed headphones/earbuds.

    ALSO–ALL my classroom assignments are on Google Classroom.  If you haven’t already , please have your student show your (or better yet, get added on to) the page for your student’s class(es) with me.


    ELA: (Hrs. 1, 3, 6, 7) We are continuing our  Short stories/Story Elements unit. 

    This past week, we learned about types of conflict, character arcs, and points of view in literature.  All of those correspond with seventh grade learning standards. We also learned about taking good Cornell notes.

    In the coming week, we will be applying those skills to several short stories we will read, as well as how to write about what we've read, which also ties in with the science and social studies curriculum.


    Math: (Hr 2)  I have already had all my students do the initial assessment in IXL math , which is an app all students can access. I highly recommend having your student work on the “recommended skills” and try to master two of their needed skills any time they don’t have other homework.

    We are well into Unit 1 part 2, which is our review unit, focusing mainly on all operations with fractions, especially including  mixed numbers/improper fractions. Their test over this will be on Thursday or Friday of the coming week.

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