Mr. Kyle Morgison 2020
  • Room #: 205

    WebEx Room:



    Bachelor's Degree – Film and Media Studies, University of Kansas 2011

    Master's Degree – Special Education, Pittsburg State University 2020


    Classes I Teach:

    Intro to Media

    A/V Fundamentals

    Photography 1

    Video Production 1, 2, & 3

  • Hey Free State!

    My name is Mr. Kyle Morgison (he/him/his) and I will be your Audio/Video Production teacher! We will do everything from learn the technical aspects of filmmaking, post-production and effects, and create engaging, story-driven short films. The courses are set up for you to learn something new each semester as you progress through the heirarchy with your later courses being catered to more real-world application (i.e., interviews, spots, dialy news, and lengthier productions). It is the goal that each one of you who enter my classroom will find – or build upon – a passion for visual storytelling and will be ready for post-secondary aspirations when you leave Free State. 

    Covid-19 has offered some hurdles but with some enthusiasm and flexibility, the content should be engaging and informative and the projects should be fun and rewarding!

    For those of you who do not know me, I coach Cross Country at Lawrence High School and Track & Field at Southwest Middle School. I grew up in Lawrence and attended Central Junior High and Lawrence High School where I participated in XC and Track. I graduated from KU in 2011 with a Bachelor's in Film and Media. Today, I am an active runner and enjoy competing and pushing myself. I love film and photography and cannot think of a better career than teaching and working with the young creators of tomorrow!