• Counseling

    As the Woodlawn School Counselor, I work to provide academic support, help students begin the career exploration process and promote social-emotional skills.  I collaborate with all staff to provide supports and interventions for students.  Most often, I work to build skills in self-awareness, communication, self-esteem and problem-solving.  Counseling lessons are taught in each classroom every other week to reach all students.  This also helps me build rapport and be accessible to every student.  As needs arise, students might be included in small group counseling for extra attention on topics like friendship, self-control, and stress or even into topics like grief or changing families.  Individual counseling is provided on a short-term basis for students in need.  Parent involvement and support is very important to student success.  I love hearing from families!  I can also provide resources or referrals as needed.    


    Why do we have elementary school counselors?
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