The KAP provides predictive interim assessments in ELA and mathematics at three times during the school year. These assessments help predict future performance on the Kansas summative assessments administered at the end of the year. They allow educators to evaluate students’ knowledge and skills relative to a specific set of academic goals and can inform decisions at the classroom, school, or district level. Interim predictive assessments are available during three two-week testing windows throughout the school year. Each test should take one class period. The interim predictive assessments are administered online via the Kite Student Portal. Each interim predictive English language arts or mathematics assessment includes test questions that parallel the summative assessment, including traditional and technology-enhanced/technology-enabled items, and cover more depth of knowledge levels.

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    The KAP mini-tests are designed to be used frequently during the course of instruction to provide feedback to help students, to evaluate students’ learning, and to aid teachers in adjusting instruction.

    These assessments are used as part of the district's common assessment to monitor parts of the Strategic Plan. 

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