• Interim assessments are intentionally developed and administered to students at particular intervals of the school year that: 

    • Measure growth toward the completion of courses/yearly learning goals 
    • Inform and guide instruction
    • Provide feedback to students (i.e. from self, peers, and teacher) 
    • Facilitate a systematic collective response to address student learning needs 
    • Focus on standards
    • Should predict performance on summative assessments 
    • Often common assessments
    • Drives professional learning

    These assessments are commonly referred to as:

    • Benchmarks
    • Screeners
    • or Common Assessments

    USD 497 has purchased aimswebPlus and NWEA MAP Growth in combination with the free state resources: KAP Interim Mini's and KAP Interim Predictives to provide teachers and students with an array of assessments to meet varying purposes.


    NWEA MAP Growth

    KAP Interim