Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Pedro Pistachio

Dear Woodlawn Family,

Pedro Pistachio Boedeker was adopted by Mrs. Boedeker 2 years ago. He originally hailed from the Gulf Coast, but due to flooding, he was brought to Kansas and placed up for adoption. Pedro is a member of many professional organizations within Douglas County. Most importantly, he is a member of the Loving Paws Therapy Dog Program. After rigorous training and months of preparation, he volunteered at Woodlawn and New York Elementary. In his free time, Pedro enjoys playing with other dogs, including his brothers George and Walter. He also enjoys chasing squirrels, people-watching, cuddling and sitting like humans. After a hard day at work, he likes to unwind with a cup of peanut butter, coconut treats, and a nap. Pedro loves all the kids and relishes the pets and love that he gets from students every time he is at school. He is so excited to be a Woodlawn Riverhawk!

Emily Boedeker & Pedro Pistachio

Music Teacher

Woodlawn Elementary