• District Attendance Policy:  

    Every school day counts in a student’s academic life. A missed school day is a missed opportunity to learn. Students are expected to be at school unless there is a reasonable excuse not to be in attendance.

    Examples include:

    • Personal illness
    • Illness or death in the family
    • Necessary appointments that cannot be made outside the school day
    • Obligatory religious observances of the student's own faith
    • Participation in a school-approved student activity
    • Personal matters*
    • Emergencies requiring a student's service or presence at home *
    • Family vacations arranged in advance with the school administration*

    *A student absent from school due to personal matters, home emergencies, and/or family vacation is allowed ten (10) excused absences per school year.  A parent requesting additional excused absences above this limitation may submit a ​Parent/Guardian Request for Student Absence to the school administrator.

    Please be advised that at any point when school officials feel that excessive absences for any reason are adversely affecting a student's academic or learning progress, administration may request a meeting with parents and​​ the student. This discussion will explore the causes of the excused​/unexcused​ absences and determine what interventions may be necessary to improve the student's well-being, and/or academic and learning progression. School ad​ministration or their designees are authorized to request evidence from parents to verify reasons of excessive absences. Please note that excused vs. unexcused absences will be at the discretion of the school administration.

    Tardy/Absence​ Policy​:

    Tardy: Student that arrives ​less than one hour late to school.

    Leave:  Student is gone for ​less than one hour at any other time throughout the ​school ​day.

    Half​-​Day Absence: Student is gone ​1 hour or more and less than ​3.5 hours (excused/unexcused) at any time during the school day.

    Full​-​Day Absence:  Student is gone 3.5 ​or more​ hours (excused/unexcused) at any time during the school day.