• Lawrence Public Schools hosted two Community Conversations about Public Safety on February 21 and March 26, 2019, at each high school. More than 350 students, parents, school staff, and community members participated.



    Using the feedback shared, the district has developed short- and long-term plans to improve safety and security. 

    Immediate plans are to:

    • Continue to emphasize personal relationships and caring adult connections at school.
    • Conduct a Homeland Security facilities audit.
    • Investigate high school student access IDs.
    • Add texting to our district notification system.
    • Promote mental health teams and safety reporting tools in our middle and high schools.
    • Distribute Be SMART gun safety information to school families.
    • Explore safety and suicide prevention apps and text hotlines.
    • Research clear backpacks and effectiveness of metal detectors.
    • Discuss safety issues with open lunch.
    • Study prevention measures and early warning signs at elementary and middle-school levels.
    • Examine the causes of recent weapon possession incidents.
    • Review security measures as part of school construction projects.
    • Examine inventory of radios for quality and consistency.
    • Continue to review crisis plans and educate staff and families of safety drills, including lockdown vs. lock-out procedures.