• 1-1 Agreement

    A family may not opt-out of receiving a device for student’s use at home as many assignments will require a computer to complete. All students will use a device at school even if they do not take it home. Families can work with building administration if requesting to leave at school daily. 

    • Each will receive case, chargers and iPad (middle) MacBook Air (high school) 
    • Devices will be checked out at the beginning of middle school and high school and renewed at the end of the year or returned when the student leaves the district. 
    • Failure to return the device and chargers upon leaving the district results in a replacement charge per the school board approved fee schedule.
    • Failure to follow the acceptable use policy may result in the student being unable to use the device or have internet or network access
    • Devices are not available for purchase at the end of the year or upon graduation