• April 9, 2018

    Tim Mock

    Board Member Since 2015

    Tim Mock family Lawrence Schools Foundation Board Member Tim Mock knows exactly where he developed his appreciation of education and finance. With parents working in those professions, Mock learned at an early age the importance of both areas.

    “When I was growing up, my mother taught preschool for many years and that led to her teaching early childhood development at the community college level,” Mock said. “That, coupled with my father, who has been in the finance and municipality sectors of business, had a large influence on my passion for both education and finance.”

    Mock, who spent a lot of time in the summers working for his dad at People’s National Bank growing up, has enjoyed a career in the banking business and is currently the business development officer at Truity Credit Union. Truity has been a long-time LEAP partner with the Lawrence Schools Foundation and has earned Master Partner status for its contributions.

    Mock credits former Foundation Board member Ginger Wehner with encouraging him to join the board, when she was retiring from both the credit union and the Foundation board.

    “She was a tremendous mentor of mine,” Mock said. “I sat with her to decide what areas I could fill in on her behalf when she retired. The Foundation Board was one of the first on the list. As I became more familiar with the board and its mission, it became clear to me that the Foundation is vital to our school district’s efforts to ensure a quality education for our children.”

    Mock is currently the board’s vice president and will assume the president’s role at the beginning of 2019. He has also served as the board’s LEAP chair. The KU graduate and his wife Terelle have two daughters, Ashley and Piper.