• March 5, 2018

    Christopher Anderson

    Board Member since 2015

    Christopher Anderson Lawrence Schools Foundation board member Christopher Anderson knows first-hand the importance and influence a teacher can have on a student. He fondly recalls a language arts teacher in elementary school, a debate coach in high school, and a professor in college who made a difference in his life with their guidance.

    “I was blessed by the intervention of some key people at critical junctures who nudged me in the right directions,” he said. “I know the importance of teachers and mentors taking the time to get to know a student and give him or her good advice, in the right way, at the right time.”

    While Anderson attended elementary school in Council Bluffs, Iowa, high school in Omaha, Neb. and college at the University of Iowa, he said his children have benefited from caring teachers every step of the way here in Lawrence.

    “My two sons and daughter have been blessed by their interactions with talented teachers at the Lawrence Arts Center, Saint John Catholic School, Southwest Middle School and Free State High School,” Anderson said. “I want Lawrence to continue to attract, support and retain great staff, teachers, coaches and counselors so that every child in the Lawrence schools can achieve his or her potential."

    Anderson was recently appointed associate dean for undergraduate programs in the KU business school after 18 years of teaching finance on the hill. He joined the Foundation board in 2015 on the recommendation of KU Provost Neeli Bendapudi and has served on the finance committee since his appointment.

    “We engage in the serious business of oversight of the accounts and investments to ensure financial sustainability of the Foundation’s mission,” Anderson said about the finance committee. “It is important but at times tedious work, but everyone on the finance committee has a wicked self-deprecating sense of humor.  We laugh a lot.”

    Anderson also contributes to the Lawrence community via the Boy Scouts. His troop is very active providing volunteer hours to school projects in the district. In his free time Anderson enjoys reading fiction and history books and playing golf. He speaks Portuguese and is learning Chinese. With bachelor and master’s degrees from the University of Iowa, a Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh and a career in teaching, Anderson appreciates the value of education.

    “I believe passionately that education is critical to the success of our children and the health of our community,” Anderson said. “Marshaling, stewarding and channeling private resources from our community through the Foundation can help make a difference for our teachers and students. It is a pleasure and an honor to be a board member with talented and caring people who also want to make a difference.”