• February 26, 2018

    Lindsey Slater

    Board Member since 2017

    Lindsey Slater Lindsey Slater’s love of learning has done more for her than just make her “a great asset to any trivia team.” The ex-officio Lawrence Schools Foundation Board member has had a successful career in journalism and uses her talents to better our community.

    Slater, who is known in Lawrence from her days at 6 News, where she was an education reporter, producer and news director for eight years, is currently the communications director for the Chamber of Lawrence.

    “My parents instilled in me an early love of reading and I think that very naturally led to my love of school and education,” Slater said. “I tell people I could be a student forever, and it’s true. I love learning and I think starting as a journalist was a natural fit because the job fundamentals are to learn everything you can about your story subject that day. Also, a love of learning makes you a great asset to any trivia team.”

    Slater is in her second year on the Foundation board, filling an ex-officio spot reserved for a staff member of the Chamber. With her background of covering education for 6 News, Slater was a viable choice for the position with the Foundation.

    “I was familiar with the Lawrence Schools Foundation, but I didn’t realize the depth and breadth of the funding they provide to USD 497,” Slater said. “As a reporter, I knew about teacher gifts and innovation grants, but the Foundation does so much more. By supporting the Foundation, you are supporting student scholarships, early childhood education, staff development, and anything else you can think of under the umbrella of education that enhances the learning experience for children.”

    Slater grew up in Edwardsville, Ill., a suburb of St. Louis. KU basketball fans may be familiar with the man who was the school superintendent in her district – Ed Hightower, a noted NCAA basketball official, who refereed the Jayhawks’ national championship victories in both 1988 and 2008.

    Slater and her husband George Diepenbrock have a three-year old son, Will, who will be in the Lawrence Public Schools soon. She understands the importance of supporting schools in your community.

    “To me, education is the basis of everything,” Slater said. “The foundation children receive from kindergarten through high school is so vital to their adult lives. No matter if they go to a four-year university or a technical school, or enter the workforce, a robust, high-quality education in a child’s early years is the least a community can do to prepare our children to run the world.”