• February 19, 2018

    Robin Ward

    Board Member since 2011

    Robin Ward Everyone has heroes growing up. Kids might look up to athletes, comic book superheroes, their parents, or older siblings.  Lawrence Schools Foundation board member Robin Ward had these and more.

    “Growing up, most of my teachers were heroes, too,” Ward said. “I loved school and I would keep going to school forever if I could. Education holds keys for solving problems.”

    Ward grew up in Attica, Kan. (go ahead and find that on the map) and attended Chaparral High School. She continued her education with a journalism degree from Kansas State, studied at The Art Institute of Colorado and earned a master’s degree in education from the University of Kansas. She owns her own design firm, The Write Design.

    Her husband Scott is the son of two teachers, has taught at KU and was a long-time academic and career counselor at KU Athletics. He is now associate athletics director of student development. With all of this appreciation of education in the family, it was fitting that Robin joined the Foundation board in 2011.

    “I had been familiar with the Foundation’s work for a decade or more before joining the board,” Ward said. “One of my first graphic design projects in Lawrence was an invitation for an Early Childhood breakfast in the early 2000s. I also helped develop the Foundation’s annual reports and newsletters.”

    Ward has continued using her design skills for the Foundation, while also participating on the program committee and serving as a co-chair of the breakfast committee.

    “Involvement with an organization whose work you believe in wholeheartedly is a no-brainer,” Ward said. “Both of Scott’s parents were teachers and we know the value of strong schools. Supporting the public schools where we live is very important to us and this is one way to do that.”