• Mark Buhler February 6, 2018

    Mark Buhler

    Board Member Since 2011

    A strong voice supports one’s success in many professions, including sales and public service. Lawrence Schools Foundation board member Mark Buhler demonstrates that ability to communicate his message effectively.

    Buhler used his voice when serving on the Douglas County Planning Commission and in the Kansas Senate, and has continued to do so during his career, working as a mortgage lender, real estate broker and now helping people with their insurance needs.

    The long-time Lawrence resident, a Foundation board member since 2011, has made a powerful impact on the Foundation during his tenure. He has helped to guide the direction of the organization in many ways while serving on the Finance Committee.

    Buhler explains that one of his English teachers at Lawrence High School made a big impression on him, helping him to evolve from someone who found himself just getting by, to someone with self-confidence and purpose.

    “We read a lot and had a lot of essay questions in this class. When I got my first essay back, the teacher had marked 800 ‘Why’s?’ on it,” Buhler said, exaggerating a little, (we think). “It was irritating, but what he taught me was to think about ‘why you believe what you believe.’ The next essay had 500 ‘Why’s?’ on it, then the one after that had 200.  It made me a better writer, thinker and speaker. I learned how to be able to get my message across.”

    It didn’t take much convincing to get Buhler to join the Foundation board once asked. Both he and his wife, Marsha, attended Lawrence Public Schools, as did their children, Anne, Ty and Sam.

    “Having grown up in Lawrence and attended public schools, I thought the mission of the Foundation was easy to support,” Buhler said. “I had always admired the quality of the board.”

    And, what about that English teacher?

    “What he saw in me was someone who had talent, but wasn’t using it,” Buhler said.

    We thank Mark Buhler for using his talents to support the Foundation and our community with his service.

    Marsha and Mark Buhler Mark Buhler