• January 29, 2018

    Susan Henderson

    Board Member since 2015

    Susan Henderson Attending Lawrence Public Schools, Susan Henderson had a number of teachers who went “above and beyond.” One educator who really influenced her and set her on a future career path was Steve Grant, Henderson’s seventh-grade English teacher at West Junior High School.

    “He was the first teacher I recall, who really urged me to write,” Henderson said. “He made writing fun, he was encouraging and he coached us into good products. That experience, and the confidence I gained as a result, had a direct impact on my career choice. I write in some capacity every day in my professional life.”

    Henderson’s love of writing led her to earning a journalism degree and she has spent her career in marketing and communications. She is thankful that the Foundation supports outstanding teachers, who make a difference for students, like Grant and others did for her.

    “I am proud of the board’s work to provide Innovative Teaching Grants and to recognize teachers who quietly go above and beyond for our students all year long,” she said. “Many of them are superheroes!”

    Henderson and her husband Mark have two children who are currently students at Southwest Middle School and participate in school activities, as well as soccer and basketball.  Her kids are the main reason she is on the Lawrence Schools Foundation board.

    Susan Henderson's boys on their first day of school 2017

    “My why is my two kids who attend Lawrence Public Schools and the experiences that they and hundreds, if not thousands, of other students are exposed to because of the work of the Foundation,” Henderson said. “My husband and I are also both products of the Lawrence Public Schools and we are really grateful for the quality education and opportunities we were provided.”

    Henderson, who joined the Foundation board in 2015, has been a part of the Foundation Follies committee and is joining the programs committee, which is involved in scholarship and grant selection. 

    “I was pleased to join the board because, while there are many really important causes and efforts, I can’t think of one that is more impactful for our community than the support that the Foundation provides to teachers and students,” Henderson said. “I believe that a top-notch, innovative public school system is a key element to other successes for Lawrence. I love that the Foundation helps provide some special opportunities for students and educators across the district, in many ways that I wasn’t even fully aware of until I became involved.”