• Jay Deiser with Pride Leggins Continued from What Is Your Why?


    Pride Leggins was the most recent recipient of the Pete Deiser Scholarship and is attending Pittsburg State, where he plans to major in mathematics with an emphasis in actuarial science. He took classes taught by Deiser at South.

    “I liked his attitude in class,” Leggins said. “He was always up and always ready every day.”

    Leggins said he is impressed with Deiser providing these scholarship opportunities.

    “All of my middle and high school teachers helped prepare me for college,” Leggins said. “Mr. Deiser is willing to help even more by putting money into the scholarships. The $1,000 scholarship helped ease my mind a little bit in paying for my college education.”

    Deiser enjoys being a part of the overall education process for the students.

    “My favorite part of being a middle school teacher is experiencing the growth and maturity that usually happens with students stretching from their first day as a sixth-grader all the way through graduation,” Deiser said. “The scholarship ceremony in the LHS auditorium is a great way to see and reconnect with these students as they complete their journey through both middle and high school.  I am very thankful to my dad and grandparents for being the inspiration behind providing these scholarships.”