Title I

  • elementary students reading a book Title I is a federally funded educational program that bridges the gap between low-income students and other students in reading and/or mathematics. Title I provides instructional support in addition to classroom instruction. Six elementary schools are supported with Title I funds – Hillcrest Elementary, Kennedy Elementary, New York Elementary, Pinckney Elementary, Schwegler Elementary, and Woodlawn Elementary.

    Several factors are considered when determining student eligibility for Title I instructional support including assessment scores, in-class performance, and teacher recommendation. Title I support is provided in the classroom as well as small pullout groups. Title I teachers collaborate with classroom teachers to align support with classroom instruction.

    Parent's involvement is a vital component of the Title I program. One of the most important contributors to a student’s academic achievement is their parent’s involvement. Title I staff can provide educational games to play with your student at home, take home books to read, and various ideas to assist you when working with your child at home. Parent Involvement Facilitators, located in the Title I buildings, are available to support the connections between home and school. 

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