Degrees and Certifications:


Laura Hosek

A Kansas native, Laura grew up in the household of a high school math teacher and an elementary school nurse. Enveloped in education from a young age, Laura grew interested in varying pedagogies and fell in love with Montessori education. The care, independence, and creativity afforded to children in a Montessori environment was unparalleled. Since 2008, Laura has worked in the Montessori realm, and in 2013, she completed her AMI Primary training. In 2018, Laura completed her Master's of Education, continuing her goal of being a life-long learner. 

Laura has been married to her partner for nearly two decades. Together, they have two children who have been raised (and flourished) in the Montessori environment. The role of Guide/Mom has certainly shed a unique light on the development of children, further solidifying Laura’s passion for access to Montessori education for all children.