• College Volunteers, Adopt-A-School,
    Mentors, Models, & Study Buddies

    Welcome University of Kansas Volunteers!

    If you are interested in volunteering at Prairie Park,

    please email the teacher (by looking at the STAFF page).  

    Volunteers at Prairie Park are expected to:

    • Fill out Information Card to be kept in the office.

    • Follow all instructions given by adults

    • Be on time!!!

    • Be polite and friendly to all students and adults

    • Be clean and dress appropriately

    • (NO midriffs, short shorts or skirts, see-through shirts, or shirts with adult language or graphics)

    • When you arrive, stop in the office to sign-in the blue "Volunteer Log" notebook and pick up a volunteer sticker.

    • When you leave, stop by the office to sign-out in the blue "Volunteer Log" notebook.

    • Email primary teacher in a reasonable amount of time, if you will be absent. Please, do not call the school. Teachers would rather have an email than a call, since they are with students most all of the day.

    • Three unexcused absences will result in termination.