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    The Lawrence Board of Education on Monday, July 27, 2020, approved an amended 2020-2021 School Calendar. Listening to staff and parent concerns about safety and anticipating a spike in COVID-19 cases with KU entry testing of students of staff returning to campus, the board decided to start the school year on September 8, 2020, with six weeks of 100% remote learning. The board scheduled an evaluation of the model for September 28.

    On September 28, the board reviewed the remote delivery model and local public health data related to the spread of COVID-19, considered input from the school community, and voted to accept the administrative recommendation to transition to a hybrid learning model, beginning October 19. The hybrid model is a blend of on-site and remote learning. Families also were given the option to choose 100% distance learning.

    On October 12, the school board voted to delay the start of the elementary hybrid until November 9. It will follow the end of the first elementary trimester, recording and reporting of student progress, and parent-teacher conferences. On October 16, the superintendent announced that New York and Woodlawn schools will pilot the elementary hybrid, beginning October 22, and share their experiences across the district to support a smooth transition to the hybrid model for all elementary schools.

    The administration will continue to review Douglas County's Smart and Safe School Reopening Guidance and community COVID-19 data. If the community is in phase orange, schools will return to 100% remote learning. Schools will not proceed to full in-person, on-site learning unless local data tracking COVID-19 spread improves considerably, enabling public health officials to remove gathering and distance limitations. Please continue to stay home when ill, wash hands, wear a mask, stay 6 ft. apart, and cover coughs/sneezes. 


    Together Again: Fall 2020 Planning Task Force



    Busing will be provided by First Student for students living 2.5 miles from school. Click here for bus routes and a registration form.



    lunch sack, fruit, and milk

    Food Service now offers FREE weekly meal kits. Families may preorder their children's breakfasts and lunches. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are available. Each meal kit includes a menu and instructions.  

    How do I preorder my children's free meal kits?

    1.  Use this Online Ordering form: https://forms.gle/DWVBiACQ1zJGNkw46

    2.  Place your order BY NOON ON MONDAY of the week you want to start picking up meal kits. You only need to place your order once to continue to receive weekly meal kits.

    3.  Families will list all children on one order form to designate the number of weekly meal kits ordered.

    4.  Choose where you want to pick up your weekly meal kits from several designated school locations/times listed on the order form.

    5.  Pick up your weekly meal kits on WEDNESDAYS at the location you selected on the order form.

    6.  Use the same Online Ordering Form to make changes to your order or to cancel your weekly meal kit order.

    (Note: The form will be closed from Noon Monday-8 a.m. Thursday during meal preparation and service.)



    July 30, 2020, District Statement About Athletics & Activities

    Lawrence Public Schools will follow KSHSAA and Sunflower League guidance with regard to athletics and activities. The district will apply the same decisions made for the high schools to the middle schools. The administration believes appropriate safety measures are in place to mitigate risk and prevent the spread of COVID-19.