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Degrees and Certifications:

Add'l Master's Endorsement in Gifted Education, K-6- Emporia 2015 Master's in Gifted Education, Endorsement 6-12- KU 2008 Bachelor's in Latin Education, PreK-12- KU 2006

Mrs. Sarabeth Morgan

"Our chief want in life is (to find) somebody who shall make us do what we can."

*Ralph Waldo Emerson (US essayist & poet, 1803-1882)


Greetings! I am the gifted facilitator at Deerfield, Woodlawn, and Hillcrest Elementaries this year. I coordinate several enrichment sessions throughout the year that are aimed at identifying gifted students as well as supplementing students' in class content. Enrichment course objectives are aimed at encouraging inquiry, in depth analysis, problem solving, and creativity, as well as developing the necessary thinking and problem solving skills that are vital not only for success in the school environment, but also in all aspects of the future lives of all our students.

Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions about the gifted program and/or referral process at Deerfield, Woodlawn, or Hillcrest Elementary. Additionally, you may access my Draggo website to find links for academic enrichment opportunities and information/support for childrens' affective needs: