• 2020 Classes

    1st Hour: General Physics
    MTuThF 8:00-8:55am, W 8:00-8:47am

    2nd Hour: AP Calculus Physics: Mechanics
    MTuThF 9:00-9:55am, W 8:52-9:39am

    3rd Hour: AP Physics 1
    MTuThF 10:00-10:55am, W 9:44 - 10:31am

    4th Hour: Plan
    MTuThF 11:00-11:55am, W 10:36-11:23am

    5th Hour: AP Physics 1
    MTuThF 12:26-1:21pm, W 11:54-12:41pm

    6th Hour: AP Physics 2
    MTuThF 1:26-2:21pm, W 12:46-1:33pm

    7th Hour: AP Physics 1
    MTuThF 2:26-3:22pm, W 1:38-2:26pm

Phone: 785-330-1494


Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Geology (2005) M.Ed. Education (2017)

Mr. Zachary Casey

I started out my professional life as a Geologist and I have worked in the Environmental sector helping to remediate superfund sites, and later, in an engineering firm working on water projects for municipalities around the country. I have been lucky enough to apply science in my careers and lead my own investigations both while studying at KU, and as an undergraduate at K-State. 

I graduated with a B.S. in Geology and minors in Physics and Geophysics from K-State in 2005. I went to graduate school for Structural Geology at KU and mapped out fault lines in the desert of Califonria while there. As a grad student teaching intro to geology courses at KU, I found my passion for teaching, and ended up getting my masters degree in education from Emporia State University in 2017. 

I have lived in Lawrence since 2006, initially in North Lawrence, and now near LHS. My wife and I have two boys who are in elementary school in Lawrence. We have a lot of pets; our two cats Gingko and Zelma, one dog, Lucy, and a random assortment of fish which I got as probably the worst christmas present from a colleague ever. I have a lot of random hobbies I have picked up over the years, but mostly I like to build things, be they robots or wooden furniture or building a boat or a shed in my backyard. I also really nerd out with physics while I play around with these things in my own time. What can I say, I love physics, and it really helps me find a better way to do things. I hope to convey that to you all throughout the year, physics can change your life!

I have been teaching at LHS since 2017, and I am proud to call LHS home. I currently teach General Physics, AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2, and AP Calculus Physics: Mechanics. I love to learn, I love to teach, and I love science. We are going to have a great year in class this year!