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The Lawrence College & Career Center has set a goal to connect every student attending with a adult professional as a mentor. Would you like to make a positive difference in the life of a high school junior or senior as they prepare to meet the demands and expectations of life after high school?
In as little as 2 hours you can provide valuable support for students as they seek to reach their education, daily life and career goals.  
To learn more, click on Lawrence College and Career Center Mentors or visit our Partners page.
Contact Lawrence College & Career Center Administrative Intern, Kate Welch, to volunteer!
Patrick Kelly, Director
Kate Welch, Administrative Intern 
Julie Goulding, Administrative Assistant
Lawrence College & Career Center The Lawrence College and Career Center prepares students for their future through hands-on learning experiences in an innovative, engaging environment.  With direct engagement with business and industry leaders, students will have access to technology and curriculum that is relevant and useful.  Students can earn college credit while still in high school, with an opportunity for free tuition, giving students a head start on their future.  
All courses at the Lawrence College and Career Center prepare students for post-secondary enrollment and a high wage, high demand career.  To learn more about the courses offered at the College and Career Center, please review the course descriptions below.  
Project Night is an opportunity for our students to share their work in a variety of engaging and interactive ways.  
Family, friends, educators and all members of the community are invited to attend this dynamic event!
Our 4th quarter Project Night date will be announced in April.  Stay tuned! 

Frequently Asked Questions

 What types of courses are available at the Lawrence College & Career Center?  High school juniors and seniors are able to enroll in a wide variety of courses that prepare students for college and a career.  For the 2017-18 school year students can enroll in Certified Nurse Aide/Medical Terminology, Forensic Science, Principles of Biomedical Science, Design/Build, Principles of Engineering, Construction, US Government and Leadership,  Law, Government and Public Administration, Computer & Network Technology/Computer Support Service, Emergency Medical Responder, Media and Communications, Marketing and Business Applications, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Industrial Engineering Technology. Students enrolled in Automotive Service and Advanced Culinary courses also follow the same schedule, but courses are taught at a Lawrence High School and the Community Connections Center, respectively.  To read course descriptions, click on the Course Description tab above.
What is the schedule?  Students enrolled at the Lawrence College & Career Center have four periods at their home high school and three periods at the College & Career Center.  Classes are offered during the morning and the afternoon. To see a detailed schedule, click on the Schedule tab above.
Is transportation provided?  Yes.  Buses depart both Lawrence High School and Lawrence Free State High School at the beginning of 1st and 5th period.  Buses return to the high schools before the beginning of 4th hour or the end of the school day.  Students may also drive to the Lawrence College & Career Center.
What is the Professional Skills class?  All students who enroll in courses at the Lawrence College & Career Center are enrolled in the Professional Skills course.  During this .5 credit course, students will work with area business and industry professionals to learn and practice skills that employers have identified as critical to successful employment.  Students will learn communication, teamwork, networking, problem-solving and valuable skills while building relationships with key local employers.
Can students earn core class credits for courses at the Lawrence College & Career Center?  Yes.  Most courses provide 1.0 high school elective credits.  Students who enroll in Forensic Science or Principles of Biomedicine will earn 1.0 high school science credit.  Students enrolled in Law, Government and Public Administration will earn 1.0 high school social studies elective credits and student enrolled in US Government and Leadership will earn the required senior level high school US Government course.  All courses are NCAA approved.
Can students earn college credit?  Yes.  There are many ways to earn college credit at the Lawrence College & Career Center.  Students can take a college course such as Certified Nurse Aide/Medical Terminology, Emergency First Responder, Construction,  HVAC or Industrial Engineering Technology.  All courses are provided tuition-free.  Some courses include a "hybrid" college course and high school course, with the high school course three days a week and the college course two days a week.  These include our Computer Technology courses.  Other courses receive both high school and college credit but are taught by USD 497 faculty.  While tuition is free for college courses, there may be fees assessed by the college.  To review these fees, click on the Tuition and Fees tab above.