• What is educational equity? Access, representation, meaningful participation, high outcomes 
    Lawrence USD 497 is a learning community committed to ensuring educational equity and excellence so that students of all races and backgrounds achieve at high levels and graduate prepared for success in college, careers, and life in a diverse and rapidly changing world.

    The school board, administration, teachers, and staff build positive relationships, seek multiple perspectives, set high expectations, and hold each other accountable for ensuring that through equitable access to rigorous, culturally relevant, and seamlessly aligned curriculum and effective, research-based instruction; all students achieve at high levels, graduate on time, and are well prepared for their future.

    We believe:
    • All students can learn and achieve at high levels.
    • The knowledge and skills to effectively educate all students already exist in the field of education.
    As a school community, we must:
    • Demonstrate courageous leadership to enact systems change and successfully educate all students.
    • Ensure all decisions are data-driven and align our actions to achieve educational equity and excellence for all students.
    • Identify and correct district and school policies, procedures, and practices that perpetuate racial achievement disparities.
    USD 497's Educational Equity and Excellence Plan (Approved by the Lawrence Board of Education, June 2011) 
    Video: Superintendent Dr. Anthony Lewis discusses educational equity with Kansas State Board of Education Member Ann Mah (September 1, 2021)
    Video: Superintendent Lewis discusses restorative practices with KSBOE Member Ann Mah (September 1, 2021)