• Arrival
    Morning arrival and Entry into Building:

    Doors are unlocked at 8:30am and students will go directly to their classrooms from 8:30-8:50 am.  Students should not arrive prior to 8:30 am as no supervision will be provided.  The goal is to avoid large groups of students, from various grades and classes standing too close to each other.  Please help us avoid crowds by waiting until 8:30 to drop off your student.  


    Drop off: 

    We ask that parents follow our staggered arrival at this time. 

    • Students A-L: Arrive between 8:30-8:40am
    • Students M-Z: Arrive between 8:40-8:50am

    When dropping off your students in the car line, please make sure they are ready for the school day. 




    Car Riders

    • MTRF
      • students A-L: dismissed starting at 3:50pm
      • students M-Z: dismissed starting at 3:57pm
    • W
      • students A-L: dismissed starting at 2:20pm
      • students M-Z: dismissed starting at 2:25pm
    • Langston uses the IDismiss program for all car riders.  

    • IDismiss - How it Works Video



    • Students will be dismissed to walk home at 3:45 (2:15 on Wednesdays)

    • They must cross at the cross-walk on Diamond Head or Bob Billings

    • Parents walking up to meet their student must remain behind the yellow lines near the bike racks


    Bus Riders

    • Students riding the bus home or to a day care facility will load and unload by the gym doors


    Parking Lot

    • Our parking lot is closed to all visitors from 3:40-4:10 pm 

    • Only cars participating in the IDismiss  dismissal program will be admitted.

    • Families that are not participating in the IDismiss program will need to meet their student en-route, off school property or walk up and wait behind the yellow line.