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About Deerfield

  • Summer Moeckel
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  • School Hours:
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
    8:00am - 3:05pm
    8:00am - 1:35pm
    Office Hours:
    7:35- 3:30pm
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  • Deerfield Elementary School

    101 Lawrence Ave
    Lawrence, KS 66049
    Phone: (785) 832-5660
    Fax: (785) 596-6563
    KSDE verifies this district has attained the highest level of achievement in providing services to children with disabilities
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  • Arrival and Dismissal Procedures:

    The front doors will be open for ONLY students eating breakfast at 7:35.  Breakfast will stop being served at 7:50 sharp! If your child is eating breakfast at school, please have them to school by 7:35.

    All other students should not arrive to school before 7:45, when our doors open. THERE IS NO ADULT SUPERVISION FOR STUDENTS WAITING OUTSIDE BEFORE 7:45!

    Students leaving before 3:05 dismissal:

    Parents must come to the office and sign-out their child. The office will then call your child to the office to be dismissed. 


    • Teachers will exit with students at dismissal time: MTTF: 3:05, Wednesdays: 1:35pm
    • ALL Teachers will walk their own students outside to wait for students to be picked up.
    • Older students can wait with their younger siblings in the younger sibling's waiting area.
      •  Ms. Walter's classroom will exit out Northwest door
      • Bus students will exit out the North Playground doors
      • Kindergarten will wait for parent pick  up on the North playground
      • First Grade will wait for parent to pick up on North lawn area
      • 2nd and 3rd Grade will wait for parent pick up on the South front sidewalk
      • 4th and 5th Grade will wiat for parent pick up on the North front sidewalk

Lunch Schedule

  • Kinder: 10:55- 11:20

    5th Grade : 11:00- 11:25

    2nd Grade: 11:25-11:50

    3rd Grade: 11:25-11:50

    2nd/3rd Grade: 11:30-11:55

    1st Grade: 11:55- 12:20

    4th Grade: 12:05- 12:30


    Served at 7:35AM


    Full Price:

    Breakfast-$1.90 Lunch- $2.90

    Reduced Price:

    Breakfast-$.30 Lunch- $.40


    Breakfast- $3.00

    Lunch- $5.00

    Extra Milk:



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